Thick Film Printing

Custom Design and CAD Layout In-House


AutoCAD layout using the thick-film design guidelines.
Multi-layer layout with complex circuitry.
Resistor design and layout for optimum space, laser trim and values.



Standard Thick film Hybrid Processes

Alumina, aluminum nitride, beryllium substrates and more.
Sequentially printed layers of different conductors and dielectrics to build up the multilayer structure.
Typically used for one to ten conductor layers per side (single or double sided).
A selection of conductors for wire bonding, soldering or brazing.
Wide range of resistor values on a single substrate.
Coated, plugged or filled substrate vias.
Substrate machining including various shapes and cutouts.

Substrate Materials


Standard substrate materials include Al2O3 in sizes up to 4.5″ x 4.5″, AlN in sizes up to 4″ x 4″.
Laser scribing substrates can be machined to produce virtually any outline shape.
Other available substrate materials include barium titanate, ferrite and quartz.
Standard thicknesses 10 to 120 mils ±10%.
Standard camber 2 mils/inch.
Tighter control of thickness, camber, and surface finish is available by lapping or polishing.



Gold (Au) is used for high-reliability conductors and for gold wire bonding.
Platinum gold (Pt/Au) and palladium platinum gold (Pt/Pd/Au) alloys are used for critical solder applications.
Pure silver (Ag) has the lowest resistivity.
Palladium silver (Pd/Ag), platinum silver palladium (Pd/Pt/Ag) and platinum silver (Pt/Ag) are used for solder applications.
Line width down to 5 mils (0.005 inches) with 5-mil spaces.



Sheet resistivity ranges available from milli-Ohms to giga-Ohms and can be combined on a single substrate.
Resistors may be over-glazed if required.
As-fired tolerance +/-20%.
Laser-trimmable to less than 0.5%.


Isolation and Protective Materials

Dielectrics are used as insulators between conductor layers in crossover and multilayer applications.
Over-glazes (glass) are protective coatings over printed resistors.
They also serve as solder stops in surface-mount assemblies and provide protection from harsh chemicals in the plating process.

thruholeprocessThru-hole Process

Gold and silver conductor materials.
Holes may be coated, plugged or filled.
Hole diameter down to 5 mils.
Multiple holes up to 1000 holes per substrate.


Ultra Fine Line Thick Film Hybrid


Thick film with thin-film performance.
High density.
Ultra-fine-line conductors.
Through-hole connections.
Wide range of resistors values.
Conductor line resolution: 25 micron wide lines or spaces.
Conductor thickness: 3-4 microns.
Substrates: 96%, 99% and 99.6% polished alumina.
Resistor sheet resistivity: 1 -10 Mega-Ohms/square.
Resistor tolerance: 0.1% after laser trim.


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