Laser Trimming

Passive Trimming

The resistance or a voltage parameter is monitored while a high-powered laser removes material from a resistor to increase its value.

Active Trimming

Material from a resistor is removed or one or more fuses are blown to change a circuit parameter while the circuit is in functional mode during the trimming process.


Thin film and thick film. 
Tight tolerance of ratio targeting or value matching.
Active guarding for closed-loop resistors. 
Thermistor/Platinum RTD trimming with matching with reference temperature sensor. 
Trimming of resistors printed on alumina, dielectric layers, aluminum nitrate, polyimide and other materials.
Custom application software written in-house. 
Thick-film probe cards assembled in-house.

Spot Size:

For thick film products, our laser spot size typically ranges from 25 to 75 microns.
For thin film and silicon wafer products, our laser spot size typically ranges from 6 to 10 microns.

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