LP & HP Series Transducer

The LP & HP Series are specially designed for HVAC/Refrigeration in the most demanding environments.

CP Series Sensor

The CP Series is designed for cost-sensitive applications and media compatibility.

YIC01 Series Transmitter

The YIC01 Transmitter series is suitable for industrial fields requiring small dimensions, high reliability, and robustness.

MEMS Technology

DunAn Sensing’s development team has many years of experience in designing and high-volume manufacturing
of MEMS pressure die as well as other types of innovative MEMS devices. We custom-design MEMS pressure sensor
die and other types of sensors.


At DunAn Sensing, we are proud to announce that we have been issued ISO 9001:2015 Certification for our Quality Management Systems by International Certifications, Ltd. Read more. 

Our Company


DunAn Sensing LLC is a Silicon Valley, Calif., based company founded in 2014.  Our leadership and many members of our engineering staffs have a long track record in the MEMS pressure sensor industry.  We offer high-performance OEM pressure sensors, transducers, and transmitters, which are hermetically sealed and compatible with harsh media. 

Our pressure sensor products do not require isolation from the media that are being measured, unlike traditional-type packages that require welded metal membranes and cavities to be filled with oil.  The simpler construction of our pressure sensing solution, which is based on our patent-pending MEMS packaging technology and eliminates the above-mentioned welding and oil fill, results in a higher performance, a higher reliability, and the possibility to miniaturize without loss in accuracy. 

Our low-cost OEM pressure sensor can be manufactured in standard packages and can also be customized to fit any specific application for which we recommend you to work with one of our Custom Engineering specialists. 

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